Eddie TennantEddie Tennant the principal at Coke Turner & Co., is a Chartered Minerals Surveyor and a member of the Institute of Quarrying. He worked in the opencast coal industry before gaining a first class honours degree in Mineral Estate Management and working in a private practice of chartered surveyors. Eddie has been involved with the practice since 1992 and responsible for its development since 1997.


In the beginning, the Practice owed its origins to the engagement of Richard George Coke, its founder, by the brothers Stephenson, Richard and George, as their Agent during the construction of the Great Northern Railway between Chesterfield and Derby in 1847.  Rights acquired to develop the coal seams which outcropped across the line of the track, formed the basis of a professional Mineral Estate Management Practice which has endured uninterrupted for 163 years up to the present date.
Since these beginnings, the partnership developed through the 19th and 20th centuries as an agency specialising in the management and valuation of mineral estates and mining properties generally.  At first relating principally to coal leases and sales and in the development of the ironstone trade in Lincolnshire, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire.  This work continued unabated involving ever more detailed professional experience in assessment of royalty and rental values of minerals and land associated with mineral workings.  Coke, Turner & Co were in the forefront as advisers in the field of minerals litigation, an ever expanding feature of the coal mining business.
When nationalisation of coal came about through the passing of the Coal Act 1938, the transfer of this work on behalf of coal estate proprietors to the Coal Commission required the partners to begin developing the Agency all over again by concentrating on management of mineral estates which contained reserves of sand and gravel, hard rock quarries, brick and fireclay pits and special vein and metalliferous minerals such as lead, fluorspar, barites and calcite found almost exclusively in Derbyshire and North Yorkshire.
The experience of the practice today, has expanded to include many aspects of open pit mining including a fortuitous return to coal mining in negotiating terms for the working of opencast coal seams by private enterprise.  Allied to that discipline is the valuation of landfill sites created by openpit working either of current or historical creation.
Nowadays we specialise in the following disciplines:
Valuation of minerals for sale or lease.  Preparation of mining leases and licences.
Preparation of applications for planning permission to develop minerals and the environmental assessments required by Minerals Planning Authorities.
Management of Mineral Estates.
Assessing terms for landfill leases.